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Kathy Bates discusses cancer battle on ‘Anderson’

Trayvon Martin’s parents are not the only guests on today’s edition of “Anderson.”

Oscar-winner Kathy Bates, star of “Harry’s Law,” explains why she kept her battle with ovarian cancer private.

“I was advised to,” Bates says. “I was contracted to go into a movie at that time, ‘Little Black Book,’ with Brittany Murphy, who I miss very much, but my doctors at the time they had to get insurance approval and all of that, so I was very quiet about it. I had to go back to work right away and I guess part of it was just, I don’t know how to explain it, nobody else really knows what you’re going through except another cancer patient.

“Even though your family is supportive and surrounds you I just got to the point where I would go to chemo by myself and just really go through it on my own. I guess it’s something I felt I had to face on my own. Now if I go through it again, I think I would be a lot more open about it.”

“Anderson” airs at 2 p.m. weekdays on WESH-Channel 2.

Bates also discusses “The Office,” “All My Children” and an audition for “Three’s Company.” She says her Oscar-winning role in “Misery” is “always an obstacle to overcome when meeting gentlemen for the first time.”

Her favorite role? Dolores Claiborne. “I really got to play a character, someone that was very different from me,” Bates says. “It was great fun.”

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Important Terms Of Web Hosting

Web hosting is the space where files & contents of a site are kept to make it accessible on the internet. There are some important terms related to web hosting, which you should know clearly before buying any web hosting. These are briefly described below.

1. Server PC: The PC where websites are kept is called server PC. Server PC's are usually high-performance PC connected to high speed & reliable internet & are kept running all the time to keep hosted sites up.

2. Disk Space: Disk space is the space on the server PC which is allocated for an account to store web files. Any file you want to publish on the internet should be kept on this space. The required space for a website is same as the total volume of the files, databases, emails etc.

Suppose, You want to host a website which has 200 files, which are 270MB, in volume. The site has a database of 10MB & You want to store up to 30MB's of email then the required space is 270+10+30 = 310MB.

A lot of hosting providers claim to provide unlimited disk space, but practically no one provides unlimited space. If you use too much space on the server, they'll close your account for lame excuses.

3. Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the measurement of data transfer between the web server and visitors' PC or other data source. When a visitor visits a web page, the browser actually downloads the whole webpage including rich media files like image, video, audio, flash animation etc & show it on PC screen. The measurement of this data transfer is called bandwidth.

Bandwidth includes all type of data transfer like website visit, upload/download files, server to server data transfer etc.

The calculation of required bandwidth is quite simple. Suppose, the average size of your web pages are 520KB & you are expecting 100 daily visits on your site.

You have a product manual on the site for downloading which is of 3MB & the estimated download is 10 times per month.

You have a comment section on your company blog where visitors can upload avatar of max. 512KB while commenting on blog posts. You are expecting 50 people will upload avatars per month.

So, the monthly required bandwidth is -

For web pages: (520*100*30)KB = 1,560,000KB = 1523.4MB

For product manual: (3*10)MB = 30MB

For users' avatar: (512*50)KB = 25,600KB = 25MB

Total: (1524+30+25)MB = 1579MB = 1.54GB

If you perform any server to server file transfer, then that'll also be counted on bandwidth.

Like disk space, no one provides unlimited bandwidth though a lot of providers claim it. If your site consumes a lot of bandwidths, then they'll close your account.

4. Uptime: The time when the server remains accessible on the internet is called server uptime. To keep a site accessible, it is required to keep the server run & connected to the internet.

Keeping server PC up all time is quite impossible as it requires regular hardware & network maintenance as well as server updates. Also, accidental technical problem may occur anytime. This is why most providers guarantee 99.99% uptime. So the maximum downtime is 0.01%, which means the maximum downtime per month is:

(30*24*60*0.01)/100 = 43.2 Minutes

This is what providers claim, but the reality is different. Good providers usually provide 99.90-99.99% uptime but for bad providers, sometimes it's below 90%.

5. Addon domain: Addon domain is the domain which is added to a hosting account to publish different website under that domain.

While purchasing a hosting, everyone needs to register a new domain or use existing domain to sign up. This domain becomes primary domain or main domain for the hosting. All other domains added to the account to publish different websites are addon domains.

Consider, you used the domain for purchasing a hosting. Then is the main or primary domain for that hosting account. Then you wanted to host a blog on that hosting account whose domain will be In that case, you'll have to add the domain as addon domain on that account. After that, you'll be able to host the blog under without affecting the main site hosted under main domain.

With addon domain, you can host more than one websites on the same web hosting account.

6. Subdomain: Subdomain is the extension of a domain which is mainly used to organize the site properly. Subdomain works as a directory on the server.

Suppose, you have a business site whose domain is You have 3 sections on your site. Main section - containing your company & service information, Clients section & support section. Then you can host the main section on root domain & clients & support sections under clients & support subdomains respectively. So the address for clients section will be & support section will be

As an example, the URL of google plus is

Here, plus is the subdomain of

If we split the URL based on domain level, then

.com = 1st or top level domain

Google = 2nd level domain

Plus = 3rd level domain

So, have a clear idea on these terms & choose the best hosting for your site.


Best Three Techniques For Beneficial Joomla Hosting

When searching for Joomla hosting, you'll find it important that you do things correctly. If you don't, the effects might possibly be terrible. Chances are you'll find yourself having a slow website, and even a site that doesn't function properly. Here are three great strategies to protect against that from transpiring.

1. Get a Host That Are Industry Experts in Joomla

One must Locate a Host That are experts in Joomla because it forestalls random errors that can completely break your website. Failing to get this done may well cause endless headaches. So do not make the mistake of disregarding this specific immensely important action!

2. Test The Response Time Of The Host

About as vital as obtaining a host that are masters in Joomla whenever dealing with searching for Joomla hosting is testing the response time of the webhost. I am letting you know, this isn't something to skip. It can help to make sure that if there is a difficulty it is resolved quickly, and that is something every person engaged in Joomla hosting wishes for.

3. Try to find Other Benefits The Joomla Host Offers

Finally, when trying to find Joomla hosting you want to be certain and search for other benefits the Joomla host offers. This can encourage making your Joomla site better still, and that is a necessary element of Joomla website hosting. Should you not, you may not get the maximum benefit of one's exposure to Joomla. -- and I do believe we are able to agree this would not be a good thing!

As I said in the beginning, with regards to searching for Joomla hosting, you want to ensure one doesn't make mistakes that will result in with a slow website, or maybe a site that doesn't work at all. What you want is a host that knows Joomla, is quick to respond to any issues you could have and gives lots of benefits for you and the Joomla site, and you will make that happen by being attentive to the tips above.


Affordable Web Site Hosting Services and Reseller Hosting

When it comes time to choose affordable web hosting services, the individual needs of your business could play a huge role in your decision. If you are looking for reseller hosting, then your needs will be substantially different from the average business person just looking for a company website. If you have the intention of offering web hosting to your customers as a reseller, then this is not generally feasible with an average hosting package. It is necessary to look for specialized reseller hosting which will give you the tools necessary to set up and maintain a website hosting business. This need not be expense and there are affordable web site hosting services available which can be used for the purposes of reseller hosting.

A good reseller hosting package will offer the wide range of tools and features which will allow you to compete as a hosting provider. With the internet expanding on a daily basis, it is possible to market affordable web site hosting services offering a large number of options for a very low monthly payment. Choosing the right reseller hosting will allow you to offer your customers desirable features such as shopping carts, forums and blogs at a low cost. If you are able to offer a large number of features while keeping the cost low, then your hosting will become very popular.

When a consumer is looking for affordable web site hosting services, they will not want to sacrifice quality for the sake of saving a few dollars. That is what makes it so important to focus on offering reliable services without jacking up the cost. When you move into hosting, you must be able to guarantee your customers stability for their web site, because whenever a site experiences down time, even for a short length of time, they risk losing customers and business. When looking for reseller hosting, you will want your own provider to offer an up time guarantee which you can then in turn offer to your own customers. The same goes for other features such as 24/7 technical support. If you know you are getting it from your host, then you can offer it to your customers and reassure them that any issues that arise will be dealt with promptly and professionally. You will not want to put your business' reputation on the line without being sure that you have the reseller hosting to back it up.

When looking for reseller hosting, it is important to find a solid, reliable service which will allow you to offer your own customers affordable web site hosting services.

Discover more search engine optimisation information and the secrets to choosing the best affordable web site hosting services and reseller hosting today!


Casey Anthony: Do you alert the media for a baptism?

Casey Anthony is getting baptized to signify “a new beginning,” an Anthony “insider” tells in a report today.

Do you alert the media for a baptism if you’re trying to hide while serving probation for check fraud? The report didn’t say if there would be photos or video of the upcoming baptism.

But the insider did share Casey’s theological views. Casey “wants to ensure her own salvation so that she’ll see her daughter again someday,” the source said.

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Behind Bo Xilai’s Halo

By Xujun Eberlein

A longer version of this essay appears at Inside-Out China.

In the wake of Bo Xilai’s sudden downfall, shortly after what could be called an online carnival among China watchers—probably more in celebration of a rare, real-life political drama than anything else—international media is changing its tune and beginning to paint a more sympathetic image of Bo than previously reported, by focusing on Chinese people’s love of him. Reuters, for example, has a report titled “In China’s Chongqing, dismay over downfall of Bo Xilai” that quotes a working “stick man” (???, a porter-for-hire) who praises Bo as “a good man” that “made life a lot better here.” The Telegraph‘s Malcolm Moore (the intrepid reporter who brought Wukan to the world’s attention) even went so far as to call Bo “one of the most loved” officials in China.

Those reports, however, can be misleading if not balanced by a variety of opinions or careful analysis.

China is the most populous country in the world, and Chongqing is the most populous metropolis in China. With that many people, one can find any and all kinds of opinions among them, certainly including the ones quoted above. But when we assess Chinese public opinion about a leader, a crucial factor that should never be forgotten is the opacity of China’s politics. Under this condition, there is only so much one can read into either love or hatred of a leader by the masses. Mao was the most loved in the 1950s and 60s, but it was Mao’s policies that caused tens of millions of deaths during that period. Deng Xiaoping was one of the most hated during the Cultural Revolution (as “China’s second biggest capitalist roader”), but he went on to make China richer with his “reform and opening” policies. As I wrote in a dual book review of Mao’s Great Famine and Tombstone, an information blackout during the 1959-61 famine had caused millions of peasants to quietly die with no complaints about Mao and the Communist Party. Today, the Internet has greatly increased information accessibility (often in the form of rumors), but that is still largely beyond people at the bottom of the society who struggle to make a daily living, people like the “stick men.”

I have been talking to fellow townsfolk throughout Bo’s tenure in Chongqing, both in person during my visits and via phone and email. One thing I notice—though this is not to claim that my sample set is statistically significant—is that the more access to information people have, the more negative their opinions of Bo are. (The “stick man” quoted by the Reuters report above provides collateral evidence to my observation—he “said he could not read and did not watch television.”) Age also mattered, with people who had experienced the Cultural Revolution tending to be more suspicious of Bo.

Others’ attitudes toward Bo went through a change after the “crackdown on gangsters” campaign began. I noted this in February, 2010, in a blog post titled “Turning Winds in Chongqing’s Crackdown.” I am one of those who changed.

Watching my hometown from afar, my first impression of Bo Xilai was rather good. In November 2008, Chongqing’s taxi drivers went on strike, the first such occurrence in Communist China. I followed this event online as closely as I could, and was worried that a bloody repression might be inevitable. At the time, Bo had held his post as Chongqing Party chief for less than a year. He was in Beijing when the strike started on a Monday; meanwhile, Chongqing’s official media reported arrests of cab drivers. On Thursday, however, after Bo returned to Chongqing, he held a three-hour long televised meeting with representatives of the taxi drivers and citizens to discuss their requests.  He appeared fair and open-minded, telling the drivers that their demands were legitimate and their problems would be attended to. He gained their trust and the strike ended peacefully. As I wrote at the time, I was very impressed. I still remember the relief I felt for my townsmen. I thought that Bo was different, and that he might make a difference for Chongqing—perhaps for China, too.

A year later, when the “crackdown on gangsters” began, the taxi strike was deemed to have been organized by “mafia.” I visit my home city often and I knew the predicament of the cab drivers was real—so that verdict was enough for me to be alarmed. Where had the sympathetic Bo gone? What was the real purpose of the “crackdown”?

Today I continue to wonder what role the taxi strike played in Bo’s decision to start a Cultural Revolution-style campaign, and what he had really felt inside when he appeared as a sympathetic listener to the strikers.

Initially, the crackdown made a positive impression on me as well—like the general public, I was eager to see the corrupt punished. The irony is, later I would be as shocked by the death sentence of Wen Qiang, Chongqing’s police chief preceding Wang Lijun, as I was pleased by Wen’s arrest at first.

Then came the official attempt to overturn the verdict of the taxi strike. Then came the Li Zhuang case. Then came a dozen death sentences and executions in quick succession—a batch execution, really, with a concentration not seen since the heyday of the Cultural Revolution.

An ex-judge I met last year questioned the legality of Chongqing’s crackdown. “There is no such a term as ‘mafia’ or ‘gangsters’ in China’s criminal law,” he told me.

* * *

Another thing I want to mention here is this: on March 8th, during the National People’s Congress (NPC) in Beijing, Bo Xilai gave a press conference that attracted a big crowd of journalists; lots of questions were asked and answered, but no one brought up the disappearance of a Chongqing delegation member, Zhang Mingyu. Zhang was taken by force from his Beijing residence by Chongqing police, believed to have been sent by Bo Xilai. Zhang’s lawyer tried to reach out to media and netizens through microblogs. I saw reports of Zhang’s disappearance on March 7th and tweeted about it with a bit of shock—this was happening during the NPC, which is supposed to be China’s highest legislative meeting. Would anybody inquire about a violation of the basic rights of its own delegates?

A few foreign media outlets reported Zhang’s lawyer’s calls for help on March 7th. After that, Zhang, and his name, were no longer seen anywhere, as if he had vanished or never even existed. For a week, I searched for his name on the Chinese internet every day. Nothing.

Until March 15th, that is, the day Bo Xilai’s removal was announced. A friend who knew I was concerned with Zhang’s fate sent me a link to a VOC report on Zhang’s release.

He was lucky. Another Chongqing citizen, Fang Hong, disappeared two years ago after calling Bo Xilai “shit,” and was never seen or heard from again.

It is thinking about the helplessness of individuals like those that brings fear to me. I write things like this essay—will I disappear one day when visiting Chongqing? Bo’s departure has made me feel safer.

I have seen Bo Xilai characterized as a Western-style politician, which I find amusing. Bo is a product of China’s political system, pure and simple. His education was Mao worship and he has not transcended it; his ideas are all out of old playbooks; his suffering in his youth—years of unjust imprisonment during the Cultural Revolution—seems to have only made him more cynical and cruel.

China’s political system needs to be reformed in order to prevent bigger crises. So where is the hope? If nobody coming out of the system I grew up in could carve a new path forward, we will probably need to wait for those who grew up after the upheavals of the Cultural Revolution had subsided. Alas, that is a generation raised on crony-capitalism and rampant corruption. Such is the dilemma.

Xujun Eberlein is the author of an award-winning story collection, Apologies Forthcoming, and the blog Inside-Out China.

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‘Dancing With the Stars’ roars back

Orlando still loves “Dancing With the Stars.”

The ABC dance contest averaged 341,000 viewers with its season premiere Monday featuring Gladys Knight and Jaleel White. My, weren’t the judges generous with their remarks and scores?

No. 2 was ABC’s “Castle” with 221,300 viewers. “The Voice” on NBC was the stop for 154,200 viewers.

Rounding out the top five were CBS sitcoms: “Two and a Half Men” with 138,500 viewers and “2 Broke Girls” with 134,900.

Nationally, “Dancing” averaged 18.8 million viewers and surpassed “The Voice” with 12 million, according to updated ratings released this afternoon. But NBC noted that “The Voice” was the top show of the night with the 18-to-49 age group.

“Castle” drew 11.5 million viewers.

NBC was the favorite network of the 18-to-49 age group, but Disney-owned ABC was the most-watched network overall.

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Reseller Hosting Services

Reseller web hosting refers to a kind of web hosting platform in which any registered user can host websites, of external parties, with the aid of personal drive capacity and the net bandwidth. The name reselling, therefore applies to the service. In more simple terms, the reseller host creates an account and buys host service and in turn, sells these, in return of a certain profit. A reseller can either rent a server from any host company or may resell the host services. The registration criterion is fulfilled through the opening of an account with a web host server or company. This technique is a good way to start a personal company. The prices and the plans that the resellers work with is decided solely by him or her.

Reseller hosting is easier than other web hosting platforms, in the sense that, it is less technical. The basic work of the reseller's is to communicate and interact with the customers but all technical and infrastructural problems are tackled by the data center manager and the server provider. The crux of the reseller web hosting is the ability to advertise and market a site or a product online. Though the returns are a bit slow, gradually the reseller hosting service business earns the profits, since hosting is a pre requisite to survive in the cyber age today.

There are a number of advantages of reseller web services. The cost involved in this host set up is lesser than other shared hosting services. The best part is the high rate of inventory that a reseller web host gets. The reseller web service makes it more flexible than other shared hosting forums. There is ample time to concentrate on other work, rather than remaining glued to the same host service. This flexibility automatically leads to better management of more websites and in turn, leads to a solid client base.

Despite all the points that work in favor of the reseller web hosting, there are certain drawbacks to this platform as well. Once an active reseller account is opened, there remains very little time to concentrate on other work. Client dissatisfaction and complaints are not very rare, rather they keep pouring in. Though there are technical assistants, the marketing part of the reseller hosting services needs to be tackled by the account owner. This causes a lot of stress at times. In case, the reseller host is just starting out, there is a huge risk of losing money. In order to please customers, there are chances which lead to loss of personal money. The account holders at times, get too bothered with customer problems. This causes loss of enthusiasm and leads to work dissatisfaction.

Therefore, before deciding on choosing the reseller web hosting service as a business option, it is suggested that one weighs all pros and cons. There is no set formula to help one choose the perfect reseller service. However, reputation on the web and the history of a certain company are the best ways to judge what is best. Proper research takes one a long way before setting up a serious enterprise with the reseller hosting services.


How To Deal With Web Hosting Services That Go Bad

Not every bad web hosting service starts out that way. A variety of factors can be at play when a hosting service fails to live up to the promises that it initially made to you. While you would like to see the relationship grow and strengthen over time, you cannot stay in a place out of loyalty when it is affecting your traffic and user satisfaction. If your web hosting company has started to go bad, then it probably means they've let a few things happen like increased downtime, security faults, and price increases. All these things can be detrimental to the success of your site and the safety of your users. So when a good hosting company starts to go bad, here's how you should deal with it:

Communicate Immediately

Some problems with downtime, for instance, can be solved if you chat one on one with your hosting company's representative and begin taking copious notes on the incidents, so you can report them. Don't feel like you are being too pushy here. Report them, each and every one, and don't let them give you the run around. Eventually, one of two things will happen. They'll get so sick of you they'll finally fix the problem, or they won't care and you'll need to go somewhere else. But how do you know when to make the move? It usually pays to be upfront with them about the implications. If that's not enough for motivation, then you shouldn't be talking with them any more.

Protect Your Traffic

When security becomes a major concern at your hosting provider, you will need to let the company know right away that either results are achieved immediately, or you are taking your site and however many users you have with you. The people, who make you successful, trust that your site will protect their identities. So make sure that you do all you can to stave off the spambots and hackers and viruses that would maliciously want to steal and use their information.

Shop Around

The minute you feel discomfort with your hosting company, it doesn't hurt to start shopping around. After all, web hosting is the most vital part of bringing your site to the masses. A day or a week or a month down can hurt you greatly. So can sporadic availability. But what if your hosting company isn't doing any of that? They are simply, and inexplicably, raising their prices frequently, and it's starting to cost you. That's where shopping around helps. By letting your hosting company know that you have been looking around, you can generally find some understanding between yourself and them.

Keep these things in mind, and also keep a close eye on your provider.


Trayvon Martin: Who was the aggressor here?

Trayvon Martin.

NBC, CBS and ABC this morning all turned to the story of Trayvon Martin. There has been national outrage that the 17-year-old from Miami was shot to death last month by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Sanford. 

NBC’s “Today” talked to Trayvon’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, in the 7 a.m. half-hour; she talked to the same show over the weekend. She dismissed speculation that her son tried to hurt the volunteer, George Zimmerman.

“I’m pretty sure my son tried to get away. He didn’t know who this guy was,” Fulton told Matt Lauer.

She said her son was never agitated and had never had a run-in with law enforcement. “He was mild-mannered, he was a nice kid,” Fulton said.

 Ben Crump, Fulton’s attorney, said that a claim of self-defense won’t work for Zimmerman. “Zimmerman got out of his car, did not listen to the police and chased this kid,” Crump told Lauer. “You can’t chase somebody and then claim self-defense.”

In the 7:30 a.m. half-hour, CBS and ABC brought on legal analysts to discuss the case. Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s father, also told CBS that there could be no claim of self-defense. “What are you going to attack him [Zimmerman] with, a pack of Skittles?” Tracy Martin asked.  CBS’s Mark Strassmann noted that Zimmerman has given no interviews.

On “CBS This Morning,” legal analyst Jack Ford talked about why Zimmerman is not in custody.

“The law in Florida is just very, very different,” Ford said. “Florida has a law, along with 17 states, that says you can stand your ground, which means you don’t have that obligation to try to run first,” Ford said. “As long as you have a reasonable belief that your life and safety is in danger, you can use force to defend yourself, even deadly force.”

Ford highlighted that Zimmerman has said he was the one attacked. “The big question is who was the aggressor here?” Ford said. “That’s what the prosecutor’s office will have to determine.”

Ford added: “All these cases are driven by the specific facts, and that’s why the prosecutor’s office is taking some time to sort this out to see which direction they go.”

On ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Robin Roberts wondered how Zimmerman could claim self-defense if he was the aggressor for following Trayvon.

“The question is ultimately going to be who was the aggressor at the moment that it [the shooting] occurred,” Dan Abrams said.

Abrams offered a hypothethcial — he stressed it was a hypothethical — that Zimmerman followed Trayvon, but Trayvon got aggressive with the volunteer and the two got into a fight.

“Under that scenario, he [Zimmerman] might be able to claim self-defense,” Abrams said. “There’s nothing to indicate those were the actual facts.”

Abrams stressed that it was an open, active investigation.

“No one from hereon is just going to accept Zimmerman’s account,” Abrams said. ”I would keep a very close eye on this case.”

What do you think?

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